What Is a Supercell Thunderstorm?

One of the most commonly used weather terms during the spring and summer months is "supercell thunderstorm." Most weather enthusiasts (myself included) use the term with the assumption that people know what a supercell is, but many people don't. Supercells are the miniature engines of Earth's atmosphere. They're… »4/17/14 2:45pm4/17/14 2:45pm


Tropical Cyclone Ita Makes Landfall in Australia

Tropical Cyclone Ita was kind enough to weaken to the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane before making landfall. At one point it had been nearly as strong as a Cat 5 hurricane. It's expected to curve back out to the ocean after dumping a ton of rain and wind on the people of Queensland. It's also quite a spiffy… »4/11/14 6:14pm4/11/14 6:14pm

This is why the ocean is full of dead zones

Every year, a massive "dead zone" develops in the Gulf of Mexico — a region where algae destroys almost all the oxygen in the ocean. No fish or other life forms can survive there. This year's dead zone is roughly 5,840 square miles (see above map). It's almost twice as big as last year's. What causes this watery death… »8/14/13 9:10pm8/14/13 9:10pm

An Ominous Cloud That Literally Rolls In

This unique meteorological phenomenon is called a roll cloud, and it's seen here making its away over the city of Calgary, Alberta. Though it looks like a tornado that has fallen down, it's actually a type of arcus cloud — a dense and horizontal cylindrical structure that often appears ragged and turbulent. »7/10/13 6:43pm7/10/13 6:43pm

CHANTAL strengthens and will likely be a hurricane by tomorrow [Updated]

Tropical Storm Chantal has not shown much interest in becoming a hurricane, but the latest update from the National Hurricane Center shows this seems to be changing. Estimated central pressure is down to 29.71 inches and the sustained wind speed is around 65 MPH. A category 1 hurricane is one where central winds… »7/09/13 1:15pm7/09/13 1:15pm

First person to fly into a hurricane on purpose did it for a bet

The first Hurricane Hunter flight took place July 27, 1943 near Galveston, TX. The flight was the result of a bet between Lt Col Joseph Duckworth and British pilots who were students of his at his instrument school at Bryan, TX. As a result of the bet, Lt Col Duckworth and his navigator Lt Ralph O’Hair deliberately… »7/08/13 2:13pm7/08/13 2:13pm

3rd storm of 2013 Atlantic season expected within 48 hours [Update]

The National Hurricane Center has increased the likelihood of the tropical disturbance currently 1150 East-Southeast of the Windward Islands becoming a tropical depression/storm to 60%. Satellite data is indicating that the precursors to an 'eye' are forming so it's very likely that we could be seeing Chantal being… »7/07/13 5:25pm7/07/13 5:25pm