Partly cloudy with a chance of learning
Partly cloudy with a chance of learning

Chaser Focus: Texas Storm Chasers

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For my first regular feature I have decided to highlight the various chasers and chase teams that put their lives at risk to conduct scientific research, track storms, or provide helpful information during times of crisis. As a Texan, I have chosen to focus on the Texas Storm Chasers first.


Texas Storm Chasers (TSC) is owned by David Reimer. It was founded in 2009 and has since became one of the best sources of weather information in Texas. TSC's popularity bloomed during the 2011 Texas Wildfires that consumed roughly 4 million acres. Despite the severity of the fires, television news coverage was tragically sparse, with local networks failing to cover the fires altogether unless large population areas were threatened. TSC provided constant coverage of the changing fire conditions, offered contact information for those wishing to donate, assist, or get in contact with family in the area. They were the primary source of information for much of Texas.

Since being founded they have covered wildfires, violent storms, and they even sent people to report on hurricanes in other states. They provide live chase feeds, regular weather updates, and they have some excellent footage on their YouTube page:

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