Partly cloudy with a chance of learning
Partly cloudy with a chance of learning

Mike Morgan finally speaks out about El Reno

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Mike Morgan, the chief "meteorologist" for KFOR in Oklahoma, is apparently on the most conveniently scheduled vacation in history. He made contact with the public through his station's Facebook page. In his statement he takes full responsibility for his bad advice.


Well, no. Not really. See, Mike Morgan was DESPERATE to save as many lives as possible. That's why he advised people fleeing a major metropolitan area during rush hour with tornadoes already on the ground. It's not his fault that people actually listened to him. Besides, all the people who died in their cars died WAY before he advised fleeing the city, so all is well that ends well.

Here's the truth. Mike Morgan advised people to flee a major metro area during rush hour. Tornadoes were already on the ground, and new funnels were popping up everywhere. He repeatedly stated that people needed to get underground or leave. That if you weren't underground you would die. He constantly exaggerates when describing weather conditions. He makes impossible claims. He thinks he can tell what the EF scale of a tornado is before it even forms. His chase crews get too close to the tornadoes they chase, and he fails to call them out for it.


Mike Morgan's intentions may be good, but when he represents himself as an expert who people should listen to during an emergency, then intentions are not enough. He can't be desperate. He can't over-hype. He can't understate to make people feel better. He needs to make sure those who work for him do their jobs safely. He needs to do the job demanded of him every time, and he has consistently shown that he is incapable of doing so. He needs to be gone.

Mike's statement on Facebook:

Hi Linda, and everyone else showing concern for my well being. I am here....all is well. I am taking a couple of days off, which was already planned before the terrible day on Friday. Folks in the weather office all have time off coming (summertime!) so I had to take the time while it was available. I took my kids to the movies today!! I do want to say a couple of things to you all....The tornado fatalities from last Friday were ALL out near El Reno. I was REPEATADLY telling folks to AVOID I-40 not travel westbound out of OKC into Canadian County! Also, I want to say, full well knowing that tornado was a very large violent monster, and Reed Timmer in full agreement, and moving directly towards OKC, I was, for lack of a better word, desparate to help you in any way I could. With I -40 already shut down on the west side of town, plus visions of Moore tragically burned into everyone's mind from May 20th, the advice of "if you do not feel safe where you are, then get out of its way" blew up into a conjested nightmare of folks trying to get safe. I have cried over this more than once since Friday. Your safety is my/our number 1 priority, and that will NEVER change....ask Reed, ask Emily, ask Jon Welsh. I cherish our relationship....lord knows Oklahoma weather has put us all thru too much lately, but we will never stop giving you the information you deserve before and during severe weather. See you soon , Mike Morgan

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